Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's here, and who's not

Because I realize that a long blog silence encourages speculation, here are the answers to two questions you might have: Baby has not arrived, Greg has.  This morning, Greg landed on German soil.  He took a train to a spot that's about half-an-hour from here...a train station I've been to before...and yes, I got lost trying to find it.  Greg was freezing out in the cold for about a half-hour.  I'm a terrible person.  The good news is, I did find him in the end, and it is wonderful to be together again.  Lavella knew who he was, and isn't acting distant at all, which is great.

This week has been a pretty productive one for me.  Besides the silly amount of cleaning that's been done, I've also woven these three scarves for the children:

(Andrew, Elijah, and Lavella, respectively -- to match the hats I knit last month)

On Friday I finished yet another sweater for myself:

So far during this pregnancy, I've knit 5 sweaters.  Last night, I cast on for three more, although I'm guessing I won't manage to complete all of them (any of them?) before the baby's born. 

Unrelated, but here's what Lavella looked like after she helped me make marshmallows the other day:

Thank goodness she was contained!
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Mom2Zoey said...

Welcome home Greg! I hope you get to spend some quality family time together. Now the baby can come! I'm so excited for you!

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

I'm so glad that Greg made it home safe and the baby waited for him. Now the baby needs to come. Praying for you guys. Hope your time together is good. Faith can you get me your home address?

a.susie said...

i LOVE the weaving!
Welcome home Greg!!!