Thursday, August 06, 2009

Little Guy: firsts

The past month has been a big one for Jonah (or "Little Guy", as my children call him). First, he cut his first two teeth (the first in Barcelona and Paris, and the second soon after). Second, he's sitting up now! I can set him up with toys on the rug, and he can actually stay upright for a little while, until he decides that there's a toy he just can't live without -- just...beyond...his reach... and then he tips over. But so far, he hasn't bumped his head at all, except for this morning, when Elijah unadvisedly stood him up at the coffee table...and then walked away. But besides that, no bumps.

Anyway! Yesterday, I put Jonah down on his belly in the computer room for a minute, and when I turned back around, he had pulled himself up to sitting on the leg of the desk!

"Yay for me! I am awesome!"

"Hmmm, I seem to have tipped..."

"HEY! You over there with the camera!! I can only hold myself up with my head for just so long!"

Since he's now, apparently, a little Champion Sitter, I let him ride in the cart for the first time when we went food shopping yesterday.

With a shopping crew this helpful cute, how can a momma go wrong?

Andrew:  (cue whiny whisper voice) "Are we done yet.....?"
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a.susie said...

What a cutie! Love the captions!

Cart picture is adorable. Just one thing...? Where do the groceries go...? ;-)

Sarcy said...

Ha ha, I had the same question as Aunt Susie.