Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Well then. That was exciting.

Did you know that you could have the webbing between your toes glued back together? As it turns out, you can! And who might we have to thank for this little bit of trivia? Our dear friend Andrew.

(Seen here with Black Eyed Elijah, who was having an allergic reaction to some mosquito bites. Also, they both were sporting worn-out temporary tats on their cheeks. What a pair.)

Another bit of trivia: it is possible to slice the webbing of ones foot on the faucet spout of the bathtub if you've been Slippery Sliding fast enough. Not that Slippery Sliding is actually allowed or anything. In case you were wondering. I'm also not entirely clear as to what Slippery Sliding is, since I was out of the bathroom for that .05 seconds it took him to slice his foot in said spout. Oh dear. This all happened on Monday, of course, THE DAY AFTER GREG LEFT. Nice. Half the day spent in the ER later, we were home with glue between his toes.

(Here, you will note that Elijah was doing everything in his power to try to fall off of the examination table and split his head open. I mean, we were at the ER. Let's be reasonable now, Mommy.) (Also, the long stick Jonah is holding is the Walking Stick that Andrew brought with him. If your gonna amp up the drama, it's all Go Big or Go Home with them.) (Is it even legal to have this many parenthesis in a row, and when will Faith stop all of this foolishness?) (Hopefully soon, as she has now taken up the uncalled for practice of referring to herself in the third person.) (Nothing to see here, moving right along then...)

OK, enough of that. Children! On a walk! Let's look at some pictures of that, shall we?

On Tuesday, the weather was brilliant. It was hot in our apartment, but cool and breezy outdoors, so Andrew asked if we could go to the Sandbox Playground.

Initially, I (foolishly) said "everyone can ride their own bikes". This, however, was a reckless plan, and after making it about one meter down the road, we turned back to park Lavella's bike. At that point, Elijah decided he'd rather walk, which was probably a good decision on his part. His bike is small and it takes lots of pedaling. He wasn't in the best of moods (this happens whenever Greg leaves; he becomes incredibly needy), so it was for the best. All of this to explain why Lavella is wearing her helmet here:

Billy and Daisy at the beginning of our walk

Once we did actually manage to leave our house for real, we found these puckery-sweet blackberries along the path.

And roses. They're so fragrant when they're in bloom.

The boys had packed the stroller with as many trucks as could possibly fit.

Beautiful Lavella.

On the way home, we picked up some lunch:

Fresh air is good for the soul.

Not related, but I've just squirted myself in the eye with my contact cleaning solution (not the saline, but the caustic disinfectant). I feel like I got punched in the face. I'm going to go eat a brownie.


a.susie said...

Wow...your life is just...whew...God bless you!!!!

Lunch looks kinda lunch.

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

you gotta love ER trips!!

The Kansas City Hoovers said...

you gotta love ER trips!!