Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A weekend with Uncle Jomby

This past weekend, Jonathan came to visit us. It was a little bittersweet, because it was the last time we'll be able to see him before we move, and after that, we're unsure when we'll be able to visit with him next. He's supposed to deploy sometime in the 1st half of next year, so if we don't see him before that, it could be quite a while.

We had a nice weekend though. On Saturday, we made a quick run (we actually did RUN) to the bakery, and made it there just before they locked the doors. Because the bakeries (and pretty much our whole town) shuts down at 12 or 1 PM on Saturdays. And doesn't open again until Monday. I'm almost used to the crazy n0n-hours by now, but it will be SO nice to have 24-hour stores available to us once again when we move back to the States.

Playing with Daisy

The children are all about giving each-other tastes. They will often offer a taste before they've even taken bites of their own! Wish they'd be this courteous to each other all the time...

Sharing pretzel-bread

In case anyone was wondering, this is what the pretzel dance looks like:

Gotta love the Pretzel Dance

I need to get Andrew a hoola-hoop. He's already got the hip-wiggle down.


Ah yes, here they are being DIScourteous.

Max pushing Sparky out of the way while hiding his own face

Good times.

On Sunday morning, Greg left to go on a 10-day house-hunt for us in Texas. Jonathan was able to stay until after dinner, so we took the children for a walk in the afternoon.

(Not sure if you can tell from this photo, but Elijah's face is all swollen out on one side from an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. Lovely.)

Bike riding and strollering

Sparky riding down the ramp (walk with Jonathan)

Jonathan and Billy

This next photo is for Joel, who wanted to know if Jonah likes being held upside-down. I must state that I emphatically DO NOT endorse this style of babyholding, but there you go Joel. Now you can feel like you did it vicariously. Hooray.

Please note that I emphatically DO NOT ENDORSE this style of baby-holding

Now that's much nicer

For more photos from the weekend, you can click through to the set here.

Jonathan recently went on a Very Cool Trip to Sicily, and will hopefully blog his photos soon so that the rest of us can do a little armchair traveling with him. Oh wait! You didn't know he had a blog! Right, I was supposed to tell you about that. He's only posted once so far, but hopefully this is just the kick in the pants he needs, since I'm now officially directing some web traffic his way... : Dinosaurs Riding Dinosaurs.

Goodbye, Uncle Jomby! We'll miss you, and we hope you'll be able to visit us in Texas sometime.

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