Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jonah's 1st Birthday Party

For Jonah's 1st birthday party this year (held on Saturday, the day after his birthday), we wanted to make sure that we centered the day around his milestone, not the approaching holiday season, so Greg decorated the kitchen appropriately:

Elijah has this new "photo ready" look that pretty much just kills me.

I had just done a huge amount of Christmas baking, so everyone chose something that looked good to them, and we added a huge pile of whipped cream to every plate.

Jonah wasn't really sure what was expected of him.

But I hope he knows that we all love him pretty fiercely.


(Jonah is now very solidly called "Jo-no" by the other three children.)

Chocolate! Whipped cream!!

We're not especially sure how this happened:

Party blowers, getting gooey-er by the second.

And then the gifts!

Box from Poppy and Nana.

"Born To Be A Yankee Fan"

All of the Yankee brainwashing starts early with these kids. It cracks me up. (You've gotta love the words streeeeetched across Jonah's round fatness.)

Box from Aunt Terry and Grandma Annette!!

From our family to Jo-no: little Nerf throwing things, and punch-balloons.

All the credit goes to Greg for making this party happen. I've been sidelined by Christmas Crazy, and have hardly felt like I've been able to stop and breathe, so I'm so glad that Greg stepped in and made the day special for Jonah.

Our little guy.

We love you, Jo-no.

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wendy said...

Great Job putting the party together Greg. It sounds like he is a keeper Faith. Great pictures!