Tuesday, December 01, 2009

White on white

OK, so really, I should be compiling a shopping list right now, sketching out our family menu for the next few weeks, etc., but instead, I'm blogging. Oh, and shopping around for embroidery supplies. Yeah, OK, let's pretend that I didn't just say that I'm dabbling with the idea of getting into yet another craft...

ANYWAY, since I'm already not picking out recipes or anything, let's talk about white.

(These flowers were calling to me last time I went food shopping, and I was powerless to resist...)

As demonstrated by my recent curtain creations, I'm very taken with white right now.

(The creaminess of the petals in contrast with the cheerful yellow center...)

(The dear, tiny blossoms of Baby's Breath...)

White is often thought of as boring and plain, but in truth, as found in nature and architecture and art, it can be cool, warm, translucent, elegant, stark, brilliant.

(The photos in this collage are not mine, but gathered from a "white" Flickr search. Click through for the originals.)

White is so pure, so clean; it brightens a room, gives a good base for creating a design, and sometimes, white is just a perfect refresher. A palate cleanser of sorts.

Now that I've got that out of my system, I think I'm going to go source some recipes. I'm thinking about the flavors of Gujarat, and maybe some Vietnamese...

End note: to dip my toes in the embroidery world, I just ordered this book:

I just had to. Check out the author's Etsy store, and you'll know what I mean. Or maybe you won't, but anyway, I LOVE her style.

Second end note: For those of you who are wondering -- YES! I will blog about the children again soon! Just not right now! Maybe tomorrow!! :)


Jessica said...

i may have to steal those pics for an idea to decorate my bathroom...i recently moved out of my parents apartment and was going to do a black and white bathroom.

a.susie said...

I am similarly enamored with white...of course I have always been so. There was a time when my style was described as white shirts and khaki's. I am processing in my mind a white on white quilt that is going to be stunning! I can't wait to start it.