Friday, January 22, 2010

Misc. pictures from our visit with my sisters...

One of the most precious aspects of the visit with my sisters was the opportunity to watch my children get to know their cousin, Isaiah.

He discovered the bathtub (my parents don't have one at their house, where he and Hannah live), and was so thrilled by it that we gave these three a "swimming pool" bath nearly every day that they were here:

Babies in the tub

Yes, in that last picture, Isaiah is whacking Jonah in the head. That happened several times, and each time Jonah was amazed and offended. Yet he still sat with his back to Isaiah, which was sort of too much to resist. Good times.

Here are the two little fellows watching a video together.

Jonah's got a black eye, and I could come up with a story about how he was on the loosing end of a fight with Isaiah, but he actually fell all by himself and hit one tiny thing. Talent.

A Mexican inspired soup that we made one night:

It's Green Pozole, made with Tomatillos. I am so obsessed with Tomatillos right now -- I'd use them in everything, but I don't want them to wear out their welcome on Greg, so I'm attempting to exercise restraint. They're kind of tomatoey but firmer, with a slightly citrus flavor, and they just taste really....fresh. I don't know how to describe it. Just go out and buy some. You'll be happy. (Or actually, maybe you should wait until they're in season in your area -- living this close to Mexico, we can get some things sooner than our East coast readers may.)

Elijah "reading" a favorite book to Isaiah (besides the 1st and last pages, Carl books have only pictures, not words):

The book is currently in our "most read" list in this house.

Joy tried on the pajama pants I had sewn for Elijah.

Fits her quite well, don't you think?

Yet another dinner: Vietnamese Bahn Mi (pork meatball sandwich)

As you can see here, I actually ate mine as a salad with the baguette on the side. This is how Grace ate hers:

(Words spelled out with Siracha chili sauce)

Hannah and Isaiah brought a birthday gift to Jonah:

It was an adorable "old man" sort of sweater-vest/corduroy pants outfit, which I didn't get a picture of.

My parents also sent belated Christmas gifts, which arrived in the mail a few days after the girls got here:

A bunch of books...

And Twizzlers!


Joy couldn't help herself, and jumped into the middle of it.

Elijah thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

There was also a doll for Lavella.

Here, Joy is reading one of the books to the children.

"Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma!!"

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