Friday, January 29, 2010

Year Of The Tiger Dragon Parade

Today the Kindergarten classes put on a Chinese New Year Dragon parade for the rest of the school at 8am. This meant that I had to wake up at 6am, which is superfun. Even more fun was the fact that Jonah awoke at the very same second that I did, although it was impossible that he could have heard my alarm (his room is on the other side of the house and the door was closed). He has superpowers. On the upside, we were able to easily make it out the door in time for school, because he woke everyone else as well. Thanks, Little Guy.

Lavella was the only one I had to actually wake up, which was difficult, because she looked like such a little angel in her bed.

It was raining and wildly windy as we walked from our car to the front doors of the school, but my favorite part of the little hike (the length of time it takes to cross a hundred yards or so with small children is OHMYGOSH IMPOSSIBLY DRAWN OUT) was where Andrew, Elijah and Lavella got to the first crosswalk before I did, and Elijah decided to start directing traffic. That was cool. It took me almost an eternity to catch up with them, right the traffic and cross my children. Good times.

Andrew's dragon mask:

Andrew was asked to hold the head of the Big Tiger Dragon for the first leg of the parade.

Jonah watched complacently for a moment, but then realized that actually, the parade was all about him.

So he got up and started glad-handing all his fans.

It's amazing -- we have four little people, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM are characters.

And I love them like mad.


a.susie said...

Oh my goodness! How cute! I just love little kids more everyday! And I already have adored them all my life!!
Thanks for sharing your families fun.

Tonya said...

very cute!!!!