Friday, March 12, 2010

Snow day!

With the 70 - 80 degree afternoons we've been having around here, it's hard to believe this myself, but on February 23rd, we had a Real Live Snowstorm!


The snowflakes were as big as the palm of my hand at some points, and it ACTUALLY STUCK!


(As seen through the window)

I ran outside with Lavella and Jonah so that they could experience their first real snow, but they were far from impressed.


(Look closely to see the frightening expression on Lavella's face)


(This was after only about an hour of our snowstorm)

By the time the boys got home from school, we had a yard full of snow!  Some neighbors came over to play, and we showed them how to roll the snow up and build a snowman (yes, we gathered up almost all of the snow in our front yard, but it worked!)



(With neighbors JT and little Beau)

The snow was perfect packing consistency, and Elijah was so proud of how big he could roll a snowball.


I have no idea what Lavella's deal was.




The funniest part was the next day, when it was 60 degrees in the afternoon, there were snowmen in front yards all over town...but no snow AT ALL anywhere else.

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