Friday, March 26, 2010

Springtime Blooms (or: Bike Rides Might Make You Want To Die)

Every morning for the past two weeks on our way to school, we've had discussions about the swelling buds on the trees...the bursting little flowers...the tiny leaves pushing their way past the petals.  On Tuesday after school, we went back to the house to get our bikes and my camera.  Andrew had also wanted to hand-deliver a message he'd written to his Best Friend Girl Clara, so we tucked that behind Jonah's bike seat, and set off on a Flower Finding walk.








We, of course, managed to steer our course towards one of the many area playgrounds, and the children played there happily for quite a while.






"Mommy stop taking pictures and rescue me!"


This is Andrew saying "Well helooooooo Gorgeous!"  (Is this from a movie or something?  He just came out with this quote, and I haven't heard it before.)


There's a reason people think Andrew and Elijah are twins.




I think of my babies as a "baby" for long after they have grown into full-blown toddlers.  It is never until pictures like this that I baby is growing up.  This little face is on a fast track from "baby" to "little boy".  My heart aches at the speed with which they grow...


By the end of our mini bike ride, Lavella was exhausted and fussy (she likes to pedal backwards and lock her breaks up when trying to go forwards, and doesn't like to cross roads.  Ever.), and I was....well, frustrated would be putting it lightly... But it's all an adventure, my friends. Even when I am not sure if we will EVER MAKE IT HOME.


The children may throw fits, I might loose my temper and yell more than I should, but if we remember to stop and cuddle, to make time to read together, to set out on Flower Finding Adventures no matter the meltdown.... we find ourselves making precious memories, learning to love each other more, creating the stories of Us: Our Family.  I love these little guys like crazy.  Even if I have to bang my head against the wall from time to time.  Or scream into my pillow.

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