Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's springtime, and I can't sit still!

As it happens every April, I've got a mad case of Spring Fever.  I find myself full of nervous energy, planning (and starting) far more projects than are reasonable (well OK, I do that regularly), anxious about...who knows what, and longing for....something.  I am dissatisfied, a little bitchy, and full of angst.  My poor husband.  Thankfully, he doesn't generally take me seriously when I'm this way, so it works out.  However, whenever I DO finally pinpoint what's wrong -- that it's just Spring Fever -- things start to look up.

This year, part of the solution was to pull out my sewing machine.  I am to not buy and dresses or skirts for Lavella and I for this spring and summer -- instead, I intend to make them all from what is either in my stash already, or else repurposing from material I find at the thrift store, etc.  This pillowcase dress was from a pillowcase I found at the nearby thrift shop for about $1 several months ago. 


Pillowcase Dress, using this tutorial from Grace Violet, and the armhole template from About.com.


As you can see, I made it a little big so it might actually last her a little while.  I also left just a bit extra on the inside of the straps so that I can lengthen them later on, and did a wide hem at the bottom that I can let out as well (initially I made the dress far too long, so I had to cut off the original pillowcase hem).



I tacked on this vintage rick-rack trim around the bottom hem.


I already have so many ideas for more Lavella dresses! If only there wasn't the housecleaning and cooking...or at least a few clones of myself. I could sorely use a few clones.

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