Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yet one more cook in my kitchen, and the Easter Bunny rides a bike!

I've got a new cook in the kitchen!

Jonah now believes himself to be one of the Big Guys, and insists on standing on a chair at the counter with everyone else.  I am never ready for this new stage, because I am convinced that my baby will fall straight off the chair and crack their head.  Thankfully this has never happened.

When children are very small, they tend to play next to other children, rather than playing with them, but lately I've been noticing a change in Jonah.  He seeks out men -- especially Greg -- to interact with, which means that he's recognizing that he is also a male.



Jonah has also been playing with Lavella -- they're little buddies, and go running around the house together, having adventures, playing pretend.  It's so cute, although I don't have any pictures yet, since it's usually best not to disturb the happy fun.

A funny moment from this afternoon:

Yesterday, Elijah learned to read!  He's been sounding things out here and there for the past few weeks (thanks to all of the alphabet lessons at school), and yesterday I finally sat down with him and some super easy learn-to-read books, and he read his first book!  He was so excited about it that then he went on to read several more in a row.  We're so proud of him!

Here he is, setting off on a bike ride as the Easter Bunny.


He looks put out in this picture, but it was actually his own idea.  Elijah's wardrobe choices never cease to amaze me.  (i.e. Once in the winter, he went to school with no jacket, two different colored gloves -- red and black -- and a bright green too-big ski-cap.  And not even to make a scene.  It was simply What He Was Wearing.  No Biggie.)



Lately I've been doing a lot of sewing in my wool/etc. studio, so I set up this little embroidery hoop to keep first Lavella, then Elijah happy.




Quiet, engrossed, creative focus.  I LOVE IT!  I seriously need to get on the lacing-cards I've been planning on making for them.  Maybe I can get a set done in time for Lavella's birthday...

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