Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apparently, I've just turned 30

On Saturday (the 24th) I turned 30.  This would have felt more frightening, except for the fact that I was distracted by my husband's violent turn with a stomach flu, and the fact that my brother Jonathan was here for a pre-deployment visit.


On the upside, we managed to go out for some fantastic sushi the night before the sick started, which was great, but I can't even think about it now...because now I'm the one puking my guts out.  So much fun.

I would show you pictures of the cake I baked for myself...but that would not be wise in my current state.

For now, I've got these cheerful little people to keep me company in my convalescence.


Hopefully I will feel strong enough by this afternoon that I won't puke on anyone's shoes when we pick Andrew up from school.  I can always hope.  :)


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