Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greg's family comes to visit

Wow, between my readership over at my fiber arts blog and this one, 97 of you voted in my silly little poll!  And a healthy 27% of you voted "I DON'T VOTE IN POLLS"  You make me proud.  :)

This past weekend Greg's family (Pete/Poppy, Jill/Nana, and Keith) came to visit.  They're gone for the week now at a conference in Tulsa, OK, and then they'll be back again for another 2 weeks or so.

They came with us to NewChurch, where Jill took all the tourist shots (thanks for letting me lift these, Jill!):

Hanging out eating donuts and drinking coffee before Quest begins


Greg running the soundboard


Lavella and Pete eating a snack


Jonah and I...sitting (exciting!  I know!!)  :)


And of course, the requisite family shot

Afterwords, we went to a little local burger joint/general store for Father's Day





When Pete, Jill and Keith drove off to Tulsa on Monday morning, the superheros had a bit of a meltdown, but I think they'll survive it.

Because they are superheros after all.  And we only have to wait until Friday.  :)

Tomorrow, I'll show you some things we've been working on (or you can sneak a peak over at my fiber blog), but I've just put Jonah down for a nap, and now it's time to give Andrew and Elijah piano and sewing lessons, and then QUIET TIME!  (Because dudes, we ALL need our quiet time.)

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