Monday, June 14, 2010

Sewing for myself

After the success of sewing all of those dresses for Lavella, I've been feeling the need for a set of my own.  When I found the (free) Mendocino pattern by Heather Ross, I knew that I'd finally found my go-to summer clothing staple.  The only thing that remained was to figure out how the heck to get my sewing machine to "shir".  After more time than I care to admit, I discovered that 1): I've been threading my drop-in bobbin wrong (not putting the thread in the notch once the bobbin was in place) and 2): The bobbin case -- while a little bit challenging to remove on that type of machine -- has a little screw on the side that can tighten tension!  Yay!  I'll give step-by-step details of this on my fiber blog at a later date, but MY GOSH the whole tightening-the-bobbin-tension-thing was a huge revelation to me, and finally the key in making my fabric shir!

I plan on making several of the Mendocino dresses.  Here is one that I did yesterday in a brown stripe seersucker:

(LOVE those hidden side-seam pockets!)

I love how easy it is to wear, and how flattering it is to my post-baby I-still-look-4-months-pregnant  pot-belly situation.  I don't have to stress about my tummy the entire time I'm wearing it, and that's saying something.  Since I obsess about it all the time.  And sometimes cry about it.  (I swear it's true -- ask my husband and he'll give you the confirming eye-roll.)

Speaking of Greg, he is not really all about these sundresses.  He wonders why anything I make has to look like a maternity dress.  And I answer calmly: BECAUSE IT'S THE CURRENT TREND RIGHT NOW AND IT DOESN'T HUG MY UNWANTED CURVES AGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! (sob)

Moving on -- I also tried out some t-shirt refashioning.  As it turns out, my shoulders and arms are REALLY small.  Either that, or Wal Mart plain t-shirts are crazy large.  Not really sure.  But I followed the instructions in the Brassy Apple tutorial for a ruffled shirt, choosing a t-shirt 2 sizes larger than usual, and...well, I suppose it could be called "bat-wing".  Sort of.

I'm not totally sold on this top.  I like the idea, but...I just don't know if I can wear it with the confidence it would require.  Or if I SHOULD.  Of course with the requisite leggings and 4" heels.

When I asked Greg what he thought, there was a rather long pause, then "Well, the great thing about you Faith is that...I never know what you're going to try next.  Maybe it will be good, maybe it won't, but it's always interesting."  Umm......thank you.

I'm feeling extra silly/overtired today, so cast your anonymous vote with your thoughts on these two projects.  Come on!  Make a girl smile today!  :)

Even though I've been consumed with sewing lately, I have still been doing a bit of knitting.  Here is a Noro Kureyon (color S95) sock that I started over the weekend (I was getting a pedicure, and everyone knows that you need a portable knitting project to bring with.  Right?  Right??!!)

Mid short-row heel-turn

I can feel a week of All About Me projects coming on, so stayed tuned!

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