Friday, July 02, 2010

Belton Rodeo

On Thursday night, we went to our first ever rodeo!  It was military appreciation night, so most in attendance were from the nearby Ft. Hood.  Our children loved it, although they got VERY tired at the end.  Jonah actually fell asleep in Pete's arms before it was through.  Lavella and Elijah both fell asleep on the ride home.

Our pictures from the event are sub-par -- it was impossible to get anything really great with our camera and the lighting situation, but I've include a few that will hopefully convey some of the fun and excitement of the night, blurry though they are.



Sheep in a pen, ready for the Mutton Bustin' (5 and 6-year-old boys attempt to ride the sheep for as long as possible, holding onto nothing but the long wool.)


Andrew, looking concerned as the Mutton Bustin' begins.


He initially was sad that we hadn't registered him or Elijah for this, but I think once it started he was glad that he was in the bleachers.



I love the look of concern on the mother's face as her child is getting prepped to go out the gate on a sheep.


It was pretty hilarious to watch the children hold on to the sheep for dear life.  Some of them lasted for quite a while, even though the sheep were running around like crazy.


The tiny guy in the hat running towards the sheep was playing the part of rodeo "clown" (for the uninitiated: the clown usually distracts the bull and keeps it from goring the rider).


This little guy got dumped off of the sheep right out of the gate.

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