Saturday, December 11, 2010

Link-tastic Friday (Saturday)

This weekend we're decorating our house for Christmas.  I can hear Greg's footsteps on the roof overhead as he's setting up the lights, and tomorrow we'll go to cut a tree.  At some point I hope to grab a few moments to make a burlap wreath inspired by this tutorial.

Burlap to make a wreath

At the moment, however, we're preparing to head out to a Christmas open house party with friends; I've got a big pot of Tuscan White Bean Soup (with rosemary and dry cured ham) simmering on the stove, and a bundt pan of brown-sugar cinnamon Monkey Bread in the oven.  So since I can't get to crafting immediately, how about a little link round-up?  (I intend to make this a regular weekly feature here every Friday -- there's so much cool stuff out there, and I want to have one place to share all of the great ideas!)

Lets get to those links!

Looking Fabulous:
Lip products reviewed by style blogger Keira at A Pretty Penny

Crafty and gifty:
Cute and quick monogramed ornaments.
Simple handmade gift roundup (the quilted notecards will find their way into teacher's gifts this year).
Real cookie ornaments never appealed to me (hello pest attraction!!), but I love these Felt Gingerbread Ornaments.
I intend to make some of these Chocolate Marshmallow Pops for teacher gifts.
I want one of these Ruffle Headbands for each of mine and Lavella's outfits.
If you're into felt, or want to be into felt, check out Felt-o-rama.  It'll rock your (felty) world. (Thank you Heather!!)
Are you still searching for the perfect Christmas Stocking pattern?  Check out this cute and quirky one by Denyse Schmidt.
These "Santa's Orchard" produce stickers almost make me wish that my children believed in Santa Clause.  Almost.
I love these gift wrapping ideas at Giver's Log.
Are you doing a Secret Santa gift-around with family or friends?  Check out this automated organizer.

On the possible menu for this week (savory):
For these chilly December days, a nourishing Spinach Soup with Gruyere
Filling but simple Green Olive Gnocchi
I love beer bread -- this Cheddar Apple Beer Bread is a delicious looking variation.
I've been in a curry mood lately; I made Beef Braised in Coconut Milk in my crock pot last week (subbed in venison -- delicious!), and I intend to make it again soon.
If I thought that Greg and the children would actually enjoy this, I'd love to make Joy The Baker's Kale and Sweet Potato Soup.

On the possible menu for this week (sweet):
I've had this recipe for Baked Jelly Donuts printed out for about a week now, and it makes me hungry just looking at it.
In case you're getting Same Old Gingerbread fatigue, check out this chipotle spiked version over at Vanilla Garlic.
Perhaps if I made my own Oreos, they wouldn't give me a tummy ache.
Even if you don't have an open fire, you can still enjoy Roasted Chestnut Cookies
If you're as crazy about hot chocolate as I am, be sure to scroll all the way down to the end of this Hungarian Heat Hot Chocolate recipe for a bunch of innovative and delicious variations on this traditional winter drink.

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