Thursday, December 23, 2010

My plan to plan backwards

Last week I got my hair cut, and, as per the usual, dyed it a new color.


This is a burgundy base with a black gloss over it -- the result of an initial mistake, but it ended up exactly the way I'd hoped.  Always good then that happens.

It would seem that I cannot ever come up with a Reasonable Christmas Gifting List.  Every year, I come up with what I would like to make, then somehow, mid-crafting, come up with all sorts of "wow, but if I did this, it would be EVEN BETTER", or "since I'm in a creative zen mode, I'll also make 17 of this other thing...".  You can see where this leads.  TO COMPLETE INSANITY and the distinct possibility that I will be holed up in my studio for weeks on end, not able to spend more than a few moments a day with family during the time that...well, is really all about celebrating love and cherishing family.  So that doesn't work out all that well.

This year, I made a list.  And I (mostly) stuck to it.  I did the "must do" stuff first, and then I was able to kick off the "really didn't need to do this year" projects, and now I'm in the "...well since I have a little more time, I might as well do these other little projects that are just so cute."  Greg still thinks I'm still being an overachiever, but friends, I am being way reasonable compared to what could be going on.

Next year I have this plan to buy a personal planner/organizer, and that way I can put projects and Great Ideas into my calendar, and actually do some backwards-planning so that I'll have a better chance of getting them done.  I hate it when deadlines sneak up on me, and I also hate the feeling of always working on something that should have already been done.  Let's see if I can actually get on that at the turn of the year.  I have great plans....


An afternoon Hot Chocolate break in my studio with handmade marshmallows can sometimes save the day

In the meantime, even amidst the business of the season and all of the baking and making that has been going on, we've still made time to have fun together as a family.


Some books the children and I have read together this week


Decorating gingerbread cookies


Eating the leftover frosting is the Most Important Part for some of us



I look forward to having the time to show you the things I've made for my children, but that will have to wait till after Christmas.

I hope that, as Christmas is nearly upon the doorstep, that each of you are able to put aside the notion of "doing enough", and instead make the time for the ones you love, and fully enjoy every facet of this beautiful season.

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a.susie said...

I think the planner is a great idea. I have done that before when I have been under the gun to finish a lot of projects, and seeing them on a calendar really helped me to stay focused and productive on time.

But...just for the record? You simply cannot have TOO many projects going on, Greg! I mean, we're textile people! There 's simply no such thing as TOO many textiles! For example, I have far too few textiles. My sewing room is only HALF full, with many, many nooks and crannies crying out for bundles of fabric, battings, notions, and patterns to be stored. Makes me feel like an UNDERachiever! I must do better this year! That's my New Year's Resolution! More piles of fabric that I am doing absolutely nothing with in the forseeable future.!!! But, oh, the dreaming... hmmmm...