Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet little girl gifts

This weekend we had birthday parties for two little girls, and I decided to handmake the gifts (I know, super surprising).

First, a pillowcase dress with a ruffled hem:

Pillowcase dress

I love the feminine, old-fashioned rose print...girly, but not candy-sweet...

Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcase Dress

Second, for our other little friend, I made this Pink Flamingo Buttercup Bag (tutorial by Made By Rae):

Pink Flamingo Buttercup Bag

Pink Flamingo Buttercup Bag
Magnetic snap, inner pocket

Pink Flamingo Buttercup Bag
Topstitching and pleating detail

I love making handbags and pillowcase dresses as gifts for little girls.  What are your favorite go-to handmade projects to give?


Rachel Tscholl Dillaman said...

I need to start thinking "handmade" for gifts...

a.susie said...

Hey! Beautiful job on the bag!

Alicia said...

my girls would flip for either of these gifts!