Sunday, May 08, 2011

To my mom, on Mother's Day

White flower bouquet

To my mom,

...who taught me to look for answers even when there didn't seem to be one

...who taught me to think for myself

...who taught me to love without condition

...who taught me to be a self-less mother (although I often fail)

...who has the talent of making me furious with one statement

...who is very often right, even if it makes me angry

...who can comfort me like no one else

...who has arms that can hug away the overwhelming problems of this life

...who has a lap that I'm never to old to sit in

...who gives and gives and gives of her time, love, energy, and patience without reserve

Thank you mom for being you.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for never holding back.  Thank you.

I wish that on this Mother's Day, I could take a walk with you on the shoulder of your country road.  I wish that I could rub your feet for you.  I wish that we could cook a great big messy meal together, and then make you tell me 8 times to wash the dishes.  I love you.


White flower bouquet


Jill said...

Your mom is all of that and more. She's a great friend of mine and has such compassion for people. She's beautiful and amazing!

DaniG said...

What a sweet daughter you are - I hope you're backing up this blog because it's turning into one fantastic memoir! You should have it printed. There's a Blogger link for that now, you know. What a treasure for your children when they're grown up.