Friday, September 16, 2011

Being a little girl's mom

Lately, Lavella has been coming home from school with mixed reports.  "My day was AWESOME!!" Is quickly followed by a deep pout and then "...And there was this boy in this other class who WOULDN'T PLAY WITH ME on the playground!"  "...And this one girl took away my scissors from me and then wouldn't let me play the game she was playing on the playground!"  "And then I was sitting in the swing, and someone started PUSHING ME!  And I didn't WANT THEM TO!"  Oh the drama.  

On the one hand, it hurts my heart to hear that she has felt slighted by anyone.  That's MY beautiful daughter, and EVERYONE should be looking out for her and treating her right!  Then on the other hand, well...she's a little bit of a drama queen.  A little.  I have NO IDEA WHERE THAT COMES FROM OHMYGOSH.  Right.  So anyway, this morning Jonah and I decided to go to school to hang out with Lavella and her class through their recess and then lunch, and get a feeling for what her day is like.

Daisy and Billy swinging on the school playground

Daisy and Billy swinging on the school playground

Eating lunch with Daisy at school

Overall, the class was orderly, peaceful and all of the little friends seemed to be respecting each other as much as 4-year-olds might be expected to.  It was good to see her playing with the other children, and gave me the re-assurance that I needed to know that her teachers are taking great care of her.  The only drama we saw all morning was in the goodbye -- Lavella was shocked that we had to leave (even though I'd carefully explained, that after lunch, she would go in line and we'd walk out the door...), and Jonah was terribly offended that he couldn't just stay at school the whole day.  We walked the halls of the school to the sound of wailing.  How musical.  ~sigh~

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