Sunday, September 11, 2011

With Thanks

There is terrible, historical flooding happening right now in and around my hometown (although thankfully both mine and Greg's families live on high ground and are safe with their homes unharmed  in the midst of it all).  At the same time, there are terrible wildfires raging nearby here in Texas.  If only we could give them some of our dry, and they could pass along their glut of rainwater to our parched Texas landscape.  Our firefighter neighbor has been deployed to the fires, and we pray for success in his mission and his safe return.

In this moment, we are focusing on the beauty of a house safe from fire and flood.  Thankful, and knowing that what we have is simply a gift, not because we deserve it.  It's amazing how much more beautiful everything looks through the lens of thankfulness.

Bike riding
Bike riding at the school playground

Bike riding at the school playground

Billy riding on the back of my bike

A family soccer game (also known as: how many balls can we have in play at once?)
Playing soccer at the field behind our school

Knitting a scarf and ripping it back out
Clapotis...just before it was ripped out

Garlic Sherry Burgers with Roquefort cheese, shallots, watercress and Bread & Butter Pickles (from the latest issue of Rachel Ray Everyday)
Garlic Sherry Burger with Roquefort cheese and Bread & Butter Pickles

(As a little side-note so that everyone can laugh at me...this is the first time I've ever made burgers.  No exaggeration.)

Sparky's burger "face"
Andrew's "burger face"

Preparing to use my Le Creuset to make slow oven-roasted Spicy Shredded Pork (which Greg then deemed to be "among the top 5 things Faith has ever made for dinner").  Thank you Pioneer Woman for a crazy simple recipe with delicious results.
Preparing to make pulled pork in my Le Creuset

Giant chocolate chip cookies
Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies make the day suddenly better

For these simple joys and comforts...for the roof over our heads...for our family...for the brave men and woman in our community (and the community back in NY and PA) who are fighting the flood and fire and sacrificing their own comfort to save the lives of others: we are filled with appreciation and gratitude.

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