Monday, September 12, 2011

A place for the headbands and hairbows

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This morning, I brought Jonah to his 2nd day of "school".  He attends a mothers-day-out program once a week, and is incredibly proud that he has his Very Own School.

Here they are, all four with their backpacks on the morning of his first day (last week):
First day of school for Billy

(Someone always must be crying in these pictures, yes?  The real question is, how can a person insist on being in the "center" of a four-person picture?  Thoughts to ponder.)

Today, with the entire morning to myself, I decided to make some sense of all of mine and Lavella's hair accessories.

First, I took an empty rolled oats cylinder and some fabric.
Preparing to make the headband organizer

Then, using spray adhesive and hot glue, I did this.
Headband organizer/holder

Next, I tied a wide ribbon to a D-ring and hung it from the bathroom wall.
My hairbow organizer-ribbon

I have a lot of hairbows, and I am not ashamed.

Lavella, on the other hand, is all about the headbands.
Daisy's headband holder

For her, the most important step in getting dressed in the morning is to choose The Perfect Headband.  Which generally means the pink rose one. Obviously.

She also has a number of hairbows, so I made her a ribbon organizer as well.
Daisy's hairbow organizer-ribbon and headband holder

Now to make a headband holder for myself!

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Quoe2 said...

I make gift wrappers out of all those containers the same way! I always thought that would be a good fundraiser for a kid to work on all year, then sell before a holiday to people who hate to wrap presents.