Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Everybody Should Care

Listening List for the Week:

The James Dean Trio: Getting Scary
MxPx: Before Everything and After
Over the Rhine: Drunkard’s Prayer
Miss Argentina: Yes I am No You Can’t
Eluveitie: Ven
Me Without You: Catch For us the Foxes
Aradhna: Marga Darshan
The Locust: Plague Soundscapes
Calibretto: Dead by Dawn
Nasum: Shift
From A Second Story Window: Not One Word Has Been Omitted
Antestor: The Forsaken
Living Sacrifice: In Memoriam



susie/mom/a.susie said...

does anybody really know what time it is...?...

Faith said...

As in...daylight savings time?

susie/mom/a.susie said...

no, that was just my lame attempt at a joke. something about gerg saying, "everybody SHOULD care", reminded me of the song, "does anybody really know what time it is?" (i know...lame...);-)