Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Little boy, big bed.

Little boy, big bed.
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On Friday last week, I tried to get Andrew to sleep in the twin size bed that's in his room. This way, when the baby is born, there will be no sudden changes for Andrew, and he will just be the Big Guy who sleeps in the Big Bed. Anyway, Friday was hugely unsuccessful, and ended with me putting him in his crib after about an hour-and-a-half of him jumping off the bed to run around his room and play, jump up-and-down on his bed to look outside at the "caws" (cars), etc.

On Monday I tried again, and this time...victory was mine! He's been sleeping in the bed ever since. Generally he spends at least a half hour jumping on the bed and looking out the window, but he hasn't been getting out, and he actually falls asleep!

Last night was pretty funny -- I couldn't fall asleep, so I was downstairs at the computer (that part wasn't funny), when I heard a few light thumps, and some little verbal noises from Andrew. Then there was silence. A little while later I went up to check, and he was asleep...on the floor NEXT to his bed. Not sure if he fell out, or just got out and then fell back to sleep where he was.

This morning Greg and I were awakened by a terrible wailing. Greg went in to check and couldn't help but start laughing. Andrew had fallen out of his bed into the laundry basket, and didn't know what to do. What a guy.


Captain said...

As a kid, i used to have my bed right smack-dab in the middle of the room. Not touching any walls. Weird. Anyway, i used to fall off my bed all the time. After a while, the fall would not awaken me, but i would wake up at some point and realize i had no pillow or blankets. So, i would drag those off the bed and go back to sleep on the floor.

susie/mom/a.susie said...

the captain was a fun child! i don't know what the bed in the middle of the floor was about. he wasn't really scared...he just wanted it that way. his father did not want to oblige this peculiar whimsy, but i said, oh,what the's not hurting anything. (maybe that was the start of things like, electric rat-traps and singing saying, oh,what the's not hurting anything.?)
he also actually CHOSE clothes baskets to sleep in!

anyway, i would have had trouble not laughing too! when you described him jumping noff and running around playing, i could just imagine the glee at his freedom!