Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Listen here!


Michael Gulezian: Language of the Flame
Psyopus: Ideas of Reference
Jet: Get Born
Leahy: In All Things
Decahedron: Disconnection Imminent
Paul Oakenfold: Creamfields
Ganglion: The Stripped EP
The Hives: Tyrannasaurus Hives
Havalina Rail Co.: Russian Lullabies
Steve Taylor: Lament (Radio Interviews/Promo)
Danielson Famile: Fetch the Compass Kids
Ion Dissonance: …breathing is irrelevant



Captain said...

i knew a girl at BCC with a ganglionic cyst on the underside of her wrist. According to her, it had roots that extended into her forearm. She was in my Organic Chemisty lab. Very nice. Cute, too. Her name was Charlene.

Faith said...

That sounds really...well, gross, actually. I wonder what causes it? Probably I should click on the link.