Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Andrew's favorite things, etc.

Favorite fruit: Mango (he likes different kinds of fruit, but only if he's in the "perfect" mood for it. With mangos, there's no wrong time to eat one.)

Favorite way to eat Cheerios: with honey drizzled over them ("oney?")

Favorite thing in general: Cars ("caw?") and trucks ("kuck!")

Best all around thing to drink: Purple grape juice cut with water ("suse!")

Favorite style of music: Hard rock

Best thing to do after a bath: lotion up like your life depends on it ("beebe oshey?") (there's a baby on the bottle, which is why he calls it baby lotion, and he insists on having me put glob after glob on his little hands while he smears it all over his "boppie" or belly.)

Favorite time of the day: when I say "Daddy's home!!" and Andrew rushes at the door shouting "Datty! Datty!!" Then falls on the floor with cries of "yah!" indicating the need to begin a wrestling match NOW!

Favorite name to say: Joel. It actually comes out almost exactly like the word, so I can't really type his translation here. He really likes my brother Joel a lot, but he also likes saying his name so much that he's decided he'll call Joy, Christopher, Rachel and several of their friends "Joel" as well. Grace, however, he calls "Gase" (but only when he feels like it).

Favorite time to give kisses: on his way up to bed. He often will refuse to kiss people at other points, but if you ask for a kiss when he's going to bed, he will usually grant that request.

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susie/mom/a.susie said...

that is so great! you have a way of communicating these things that i can actually SEE him doing them, and HEAR him saying them! i will never call lotion anything other than "oshey" again!

it's funny how baby's figure out how to manuver certain words around their tongue. before hunter could get out s's, words starting with s, he called sara, "ashra", so similar to asher that we thought that's what he was calling her. then it dawned on me...he was putting in all the right letters, but just in an order he could manage! how cool is that?