Friday, May 27, 2005

To comment?

Your comments keep this blog alive! I have a hit counter on the site, so I know a lot of people are checking in -- leave a note to let me know what you think of our posts when you stop by! (Oh wow! That must be why I ask questions in my posts and such!) =)

1 comment:

Sarah Kil said...

Your blog is like my daily news! I always have to check in on your astute opinions, Andrew's most current cuteness, compare my musical diversity to Greg's--and of course, see if Frank has un-Tanked yet. :) I always want to foist my comments upon you, but...I'm supposed to working 'cause I'm at work!

I guess I'm trying to say I love you lots, Faith, and since you're so far away, I'm glad you share yourself via this blog.

P.S. Thank you for writing your "Terribly wonderful" post. I've printed it out.