Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Last night we went to bed around 11pm (I actually get tired around 9:30 or 10, but it's like a "last hurrah" of sorts, I think, for me to stay up "late"). I was kept awake by some uncomfortable (but not labor) contractions, and at around 12am thought it might be a good idea to go downstairs to grab my cell phone so that I could time the contractions (can't see the clock on Greg's side of the bed, so the cell phone clock is what I use). On my way downstairs I started thinking about the leftover bacon from dinner, but thought, that's silly, why would I eat bacon at midnight? I'm just getting my cell phone. Well, of course, the next thing I knew, I found myself at the refridgerator...I ate the entire 1/4 lb of bacon in one shot, standing right there in the kitchen. It was soooo good. Then I went back up to bed, and was actually able to fall asleep after a little bit. Perhaps I needed the protein?

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