Monday, May 02, 2005

Catching up

OK, I haven't posted in a while, because my nesting instinct has fully taken over! In fact, I can hardly sit here and type, because I HAVE TO FINISH THE BLANKET I'M CROCHETING. So that gives you an idea of what I've been doing every single spare moment.

Brief overview of the past two weeks: Andrew said "Mommy" for the first time on Thursday, April 21st. That was a milestone for us both, because I've never been called that before. I've been named. Now he says it all the time! Yesterday he was playing with my sister Joy, while I stood nearby eating something (of course!). Suddenly he jumped up, ran over to me an hugged my legs with a shout of "Mommy!", then went back to playing. Precious moments like that make me glad that I'm a mom.

I'm part of two "mommy" groups in the area, one is MOPS (thanks Tim for the donation to our group!!), and the other is the SAHM Meetup Group of Watertown and Ft. Drum, which I started and organize. I began the SAHM group in August of last year, and we've exploded into over 30 members, and get together almost weekly now. It's so exciting, and it's really great to be a part of such a supportive, fun group of people who are all going through the same stuff as I am. It's all about the local support! (Can I find a way to say "it's again"?) I'm actually enjoying Watertown, as of late, and Andrew and I have been super busy with our social calendar stacking up around us.

On Saturday, we bought a second car!! Finally!!! I've been driving Greg in to work each time that Andrew and I needed the car for 1-1/2 years now, and it was getting very old for all of us. I am now the very pleased owner of a 2002 silver Passat sedan, which we bought for a crazy low price at Carlo Noce Imports in Vestal. Unfortunately it's a small dealership, so they won't have the car ready until Wednesday or so, which means we can't pick it up until Friday, when we go down there next. But I HAVE A CAR! That's just a great thought.

Sarah, I will post a picture of my Adorable Pregnant Self whenever I remember to have Greg take a picture of me. =)

OK, must go. There is crocheting to be done.


susie/mom/a.susie said...

congratulations on your car! that is so great! i hope i have one soon, but all in good time. and at least gary only works four minutes from home!

i'm sorry...refresh my memory...SAHM stands for...?

it's so great to hear that you are enjoying watertown. it's tough getting established in a new place.

Faith said...

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom


susie/mom/a.susie said...

ya know?...i'm appalled!!! that i didn't figure that out! i am SO out of touch!

Faith said...

Lol, I spend a lot of time on message boards, and everything's abbreviated there to the point of being rediculous! (lol = laugh out loud) =)

Greg's and my favorite one to make fun of is "DH" for Dear Husband, because people just throw it around like that's the name for their husbands! I tend to just say "husband", since I don't always feel the need to call him "dear" especially not to an entire message board of other people. =)

Oh, actually, our alltime favorite was the one I came across two weeks ago "hubster". Woah.

Captain said...

How about ROTFLMAO?

Faith said...

Well, see, I wasn't going to say that one 'cause I didn't want to have to explain it. =)