Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Andrew's love for chocolate goes beyond the simple fact that it's sweet. I really almost never allow him to have origional intention was to never let him have any until he was old enough to handle the caffine, but somehow it happened and he couldnt've been happier. A few weeks ago we were at a banquet of sorts, and I had on my plate a little slice of german chocolate cake, and a piece of strawberry shortcake. He got all excited about these selections, but since it was around 9pm, I offered him a bite of the shortcake. He got super pissed off at
me, because all that he wanted was the chocolate thing!

I now let him have a chocolate chip cookie on occasion if it's not too close to bedtime. The Andrew-style of eating this sort of cookie is to poke his little fingers into the molten chocolate chips, licking it off over and over, and ending up looking like the picture I've included with this post. He does end up eating the entire cookie, but he feels it's important to dig out all the chips first.

Greg does not understand the chocolate obsession, as he can't stand the stuff himself, but this experience with Andrew has caused me to wonder if the love for chocolate is simply inborn. Even though I adore good chocolate, I certainly didn't teach Andrew to love it, because I didn't even want him to know about it yet, so for him it couldn't be a learned thing. Makes you wonder....

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susie/mom/a.susie said...

i believe this truth to be self evident...chocolate love IS inborn! join the club andrew!