Sunday, June 12, 2005

Milestone moments

Since Wednesday morning when I went into labor, Andrew has gone through a life change. At first, even while I was in early labor, he didn't want to have anything to do with me, sensing something was different, and anyway, Joy (my sister) was there to play with. Then I disappeared for a few hours, and when he saw me next, I had this tiny, red, squishy little person in my arms.

For the next 24 hours, Andrew didn't really even want look at me. I made it a point to hand Elijah off to someone else whenever I would come downstairs from a nap or something, or anytime Andrew would come into the room. Also, I kept pointing out that this was Andrew's Baby. Eventually, he decided to break the "Mommy-fast", came running over to me shouting "MOMMY!", and hugged me for a long time, even bestowing a kiss.

Since then, he has gotten used to the idea of having a baby around, and seems to be settling in to the role of Big Brother. Yesterday Andrew introduced Elijah to his monster truck collection, and today he showed him a ball. Also, he's asked to hold him a few times now, and is very gentle and tender, which relieves me to no end.

A note of (possible) interest to some: Elijah's umbilical cord stump fell off today, on day 4. This is very early -- usually it happens in 10-14 days. The reason (for those still interested enough to still be reading) is that we had him hooked up to the placenta for about an hour or so after his birth, and then some powdered Golden Seal (a healing, drying herb) was sprinkled on it several times at diaper changes. I'm so glad that I don't have to diaper around it anymore. Also, it's kind of gross, and you have to be so careful that you're not tugging on it while you're waiting for it to fall off, so I'm glad that's all done. =)


sarcy said...

I like how you told Andrew that Elijah is "his baby!" That's a pretty neat idea. I'm glad they're getting along.

I, for one, am curious about how you hook a baby up to its placenta. We'll have to talk when you have some free time (which'll probably be about 18 years from now). :)

Melodie said...

Hmmmm ... to answer the question above, the baby comes "hooked up" ... but, Faith, I have experienced delayed cord clamping BEFORE the placenta is born, not after. What is that like? Any bleeding throught the placenta?

Captain said...

Through the belly, what does the umbilical cord connect to? And what does the cord actually transfer? My guess is that its just blood. i assume that the mother's liver and kidneys clean the baby's blood in the lower-development stages; so, when does the baby start cleaning its own blood?

i used to take the night shift during lambing season on the local sheep farm. Birthing lambs is one of the coolest things i have ever done. Not giving birth... assisting birth.

susie/mom/a.susie said...

boy captain!!! you are a man of many thoughts and talents! most men wouldn't even care, or understand enough to respond to this post! where did you come from?! some woman is going to very blessed someday!

faith, i also think it is SO cool...your idea of emphasizing with andrew that this is HIS baby. what a great approach to including other siblings so they don't feel that they are just having to share you! really, a terrific approach...and correct, i might add! glad you all are doing great! any chance you'll be around this weekend at gram's?

Faith said...

I phrased it wierd, but yeah, pretty much we just didn't cut the cord for a while. =)

I've never heard of bleeding through through the placenta, but I know that keeping the baby attached for a while is quite safe, and even healthier than clamping right away. Elijah stayed connected to the placenta after it was birthed (and wrapped in a chux pad) for over an hour, which helps the baby to get the most blood possible, and also helps prevent jaundice.

Aunt Susie,
No, we won't be around in Binghamton at all until the 4th of July. Sorry! Maybe we'll see you then?