Monday, June 27, 2005

Shows I've Been to Lately

-The Dillinger Escape Plan / Red Yellow / The End / I Am Idaho / Trivium: Feb 7th, Syracuse, NY: This was the first time in a long time that Dillinger were playing a smaller club. Definitely a treat. I didn't see any of the other bands, so no further comments.
-Psyopus / The Red Death / Trivium: Mar, Binghamton, NY: Pretty much everyone needs to witness Psyopus live or recorded. The musicianship of guitarist, Christopher Arp, and drummer, Lee Fisher (formerly of Commit Suicide), is nearly without compare in the metal world. They are both extremely talented musicians. All the other bands that everning sucked.
-Ed Gein / Circle Takes the Square / From a Second Story Window: April 10th, Syracuse, NY: I don't like CTTS, but FASSW, and EG are always good.
-Monster Jam—Monster Truck Competition: June 4th, Syracuse, NY: This was Andrew's first monster truck rally. We met my Dad and Keith there, and got really good seats. Andrew wasn't sure what to think at first, because the trucks are absolutely deafening. They also had motocross racing, and small truck racing in between the monster truck runs. One of the small truck racers was from Little Meadows, and Dad said that he knew who he was. I can't remember his name. Andrew's favorite monster truck, Grave Digger was there, as well as Maximum Destruction, Bounty Hunter and a lot of other big names. Sometime I'll have to take he and Elijah to the world finals in Las Vegas.
-Blindside / Showbread / The Showdown / Symphony In Peril: June 25th, Syracuse, NY: Although I didn't really like The Showdown, it was funny to hear them talk. Not because I'm not used to hearing southern accents. I spent four years of college in North Carolina, and two-and-a-half of those were with a South Carolina room mate, with one of the thickest accents ever. It was just funny to see the reactions of all the upstate New York, hardcore kids when vocalist, Davey Bunton asked, in his thick drawl, if anyone there had never tasted sweet tea before. Probably half the people in the place raised their hands. He went on to explain that this was his first time ever in New York State, and that he already missed the heat and the food, south of the Mason Dixon (As an interesting tangent, I have actually driven down Mason Dixon road. That experience is right up there with driving down Sleater-Kinney road, in Olympia, WA, home of the band Sleater-Kinney, and driving through Bremerton, WA, home of the band MxPx). Showbread was great, as usual, and Blindside was also very good. It was nice to see them play a club, rather than the much larger crowds that I'm sure they get at the festivals.

So anyway, thank's for reading all of this. Not a lot of people care about this stuff, but it's what I like to do.


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