Monday, August 08, 2005


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I was throwing this together this afternoon and realized -- that looks amazing! (Well of course, look who's making it?) =) This is dinner in progress: Pasta With Easy Summer Sauce (Moosewood Classics). The vegitables and olives are tossed with an extra virgin olive oil/balsamic combo. I let it sit out on the counter to marinate for a few hours, then when we were ready to eat, cooked and drained the pasta and stirred that into the vegitables with feta. Mmmmmm. I'm telling you, Moosewood cookbooks are the way to go.


Jill Darling said...

Greg is truly a blessed man. I'm glad he's enjoying such wonderful meals made with loving hands. Way to go Faith! You can cook for me anytime!

Greg's Mom

Alicia said...

That does look good. I have tons of tomatoes growing in my garden I should try it. ~A

sarcy said...

That's very pretty!

Oh! This reminds me--there has been a miracle at my house. I have gotten Dave to eat broccoli! He actually requests it now! The gimmick is that we have to cook it on the grill.

Faith said...

Thank you Jill!

I'll give you the recipe if you want, Alicia. It's really easy. (Or you could just throw a bunch of fresh stuff together and call it good -- there's nothing to it!)

Sarah, I am totally thrilled at Dave's new advances. Tell him I offer up my congratulations.