Thursday, August 04, 2005

This Part is for Music Lovers Only...Thanks for Reading

Thumbscrew: All is Quiet (Really good technical metal-core from the awesome Texas metal scene. The drummer is awesome. Crazy time signatures; for fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Evelynn, Ed Gein, Ion Dissonsnce, The End, Between the Buried and Me, The Red Chord, The Daughters, The number Twelve Looks Like You, etc)
The Cassettes: O’er The Mountain [Shelby Cinca’s (Frodus / Decahedron) self proclaimed rock n' roll-vaudeville-inter-galactic-western music. Just what it says. Good stuff. For any of the Northeasterners out there, The Cassettes will be playing in NYC on August 12th and 14th, and Wilkes-Barre, PA on August 21st.)
Vulgar Pigeons: Burning Episode (Decent grind-core featuring Jeff Lenormand of Tortured Conscience.)
Sympathy: Abyssal Throne (A very good one-man death-metal band from Saskatchewan, Canada, although I like his previous album Arcane Path much better. Obviously he can’t play any live shows, since he plays all of the instruments. He covers Suffocation’s "Torn Into Enthrallment" if that means anything to anybody.)
Denison Witmer: Are You a Dreamer? (Denison’s seventh record of beautiful, peaceful folk sty lings. This one features help from Don and Karen Peris of The Innocence Mission, Sufjan Stevens, James McAlister of Ester Drang, and Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond. If you know anything about the aforementioned bands, their cameos on Denison’s album are definitely a good thing!)
DJ Micro: Tech-Mix 5 (Micro’s obviously 5th installment of the Tech-Mix series, and his 11th full-length mix CD. Hands down, the best epic-trance DJ in the world.)
Over the Rhine: Drunkard’s Prayer (Faith and I were listening to this the other night, while enjoying glasses of Hypnotic on the rocks. I commented to her that it is probably one of the most peaceful albums I own. A beautiful tale of the love between a man and wife, and one of their best works to date. Very unfortunately, whenever I have this playing in my office, people guess that it’s Sheryl Crow. I’m not especially familiar with Ms. Crow, but I assure people that OTR has got to be like 100 times better than her. Highly recommended.)
Hillsong: United – More Than Life (The second-to-most-recent installment of anointed worship music from down under. I’m learning a couple of the songs to teach to our worship team.)
Old Crow Medicine Show: O.C.M.S. (To the uninitiated, these guys would be pigeonholed as ‘Bluegrass’, but actually they are just good, red-neck, American roots music. I think one of their videos is now being played on CMT.)
Jet: Get Born (Raw, sweaty, classic rock ‘n roll from down under. These four guys play a variety akin to MC5, Bombs-era Squad Five-O, The Rolling Stones, etc. They are on tour this summer with Oasis. I don’t know anything about Oasis, but apparently they’re pretty big. I would go just to see Jet play, and then leave.)


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