Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Apples and ice cream and corn, oh my!

apples and corn
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Andrew, Rachel and I went out yesterday to spend some time together. I'm trying to make every moment count as the days draw near to the GA move. Rachel found an apple that was pink on the inside. Click on the picture to see more.

We are successfully moved out of the Watertown appartment, and Greg is setting up house in Columbus. He's also getting a jump start on the studying he has to do for his class, so that he can spend more time with us when we get there.

Grace will hopefully be able to go down to GA with me and stay for a few weeks. It will help soften the impact of the move for me, I think.

Elijah keeps getting cuter. Here he is in his saucer play station:

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Mr Adorable, I tell you.

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Precious little sleepy guy:

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Andrew and Elijah generally get along really well, but that fuzzy, soft little head is just begging to be squeezed...

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Alicia said...

He is just adorable! He looks just like Andrew but different. He is growing so fast!
I wish I could share some of the apples we have with you. Our tree has produced buckets and buckets of them this year.
Glad to hear the move out went well. I'll be praying everything goes well with the move in. ~A

sarcy said...

I was SO surprised by the pictures of Elijah. He's so sweet! I guess I forgot how quickly babies grow.

I'm starting to save my allowance for a trip to Georgia. :)

I tried to email you recently and it didn't send; did you get a new email address?