Thursday, September 01, 2005

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Thanks to everyone who keeps checking in on this blog. I'm sorry that I've been sadly absent. There really is a good reason: moving is a heck of a lot more work than one might expect! On top of that, we've been making a ton of road trips lately. Three weekends ago, Joycee and I took my little guys to NJ. My Grandma Annette and Aunt Terry don't ever get to see us, so it was important to hang out and say our goodbyes. (Also, we checked out some yarn shops, which is always fun) =) Then I stopped in Binghamton for a day, and then back to Watertown for two days. After that, it was off to Harrisburg, PA for Purple Door Music Fest, which was fun last year, but....well, sufice to say that we probably will never go with babies and toddlers again. Ah well, you live and learn. Immediately after I drove back to Binghamton to spend a week with my parents (and my cousin Becky who's visiting from Israel), and Greg drove down to Georgia to find us an appartment and move some of our stuff in. The boys and I picked Greg up at the Syracuse airport on Monday, and we've been packing and stuff ever since. So that's why I haven't been posting.

Andrew loves to sleep with his feet up on something. We have the "roll bar" on the side of his bed, and we often find him like this:

This was taken two nights ago. Five minutes later, he looked like this:

Look at that face!


Alicia said...

Oh, how cute. Zoey sleeps with her butt in the air.
I hope the packing is going well. Let me know if you need any help. It was good to see you guys yesterday. ~A

a. susie said...

could he BE any cuter!!!
in our little family we have a series of pictures that we call, "some people will sleep anywhere!"
i put all the funny pictures of the kids sleeping in a frame with this saying on it. really fun! tim curled into a tiny caterpillar ball in one of those tiny round clothes baskets, or face down in his plate of food, or hanging with his head off the top of a full flight of stairs! sara sleeping on the potty with her head resting on the