Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Have you seen this phone?

Today someone stole my husband's phone. It looks just like mine, except it has a black leather cover on it. This is mine:
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It's an LG 4400, and most of the numbers in there aren't backed up anywhere. I know, bad idea, but it's true. He's getting a new phone now because that one was insured, but we're definitely getting my phone and his new one backed up now. Anyway, the main thing is that we need it back. If you live in Watertown, please post a message here to let me know if you've seen it. If you live anywhere else, please, please: back up your phone.

A girl stopped by our house right after the movers left at noon and asked to use our phone. She was pretty shaken up and said that her brother had just punched her in the mouth. We let her use our house phone. She sat on the couch while making the call, next to my husband's cell phone.

About a half-hour after she left, we looked for the phone and it was gone. Since there's pretty much nothing left in our house, it didn't take long to look through our suitcases and realize that it was definitely gone.

We called Verizon to see what the time was of the last call from that phone was and it was 3:11pm, definitely after we found the phone missing. So we have verified that it was stolen and has been used, and the only person in the house since the movers was this girl (the phone was still on the couch after the movers left). Following is a description of the girl -- things we observed and things she told us about herself (so some of that -- like her name -- could be suspect)

Here's a description of the girl who (we assume) took it:
  • Age:20
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Hair color: Medium to dark brown very straight, pulled back in low ponytail hanging to mid back
  • Light denim skirt ending a few inches from knees
  • Dark blue/navy short sleeved shirt
  • Flat shoes (possibly dirty, light blue flip-flops)
  • Swollen lip and cut chin (from being beat up)
  • Uneaven pasty white skin
  • Large scabs on knees and legs
  • Brown (or hazel) eyes
  • Receding chin

Things she said about herself:
  • Name: Nichole
  • Place of residence: Palmer St, Watertown, NY
  • Goes to school at JCC community college
  • Brother is a large guy 18 years old and a senior in highschool (probably Watertown High)
If you see this girl or find a phone in a parking lot or something, please let us know. Thanks!!


Alicia said...

How horrible! To think you do something nice for someone and they rip you off. I'll keep an eye out for her and the phone when I'm in town. ~Alicia

Jessica Portilla said...

Have you tried calling the phone? My cousin once lost his phone, so we called it and they answered it and we met up to get it back. You probably have though of this but I figured I'd mention it just in case.
Take care,

Keith said...

That's stupid that someone would do somting like that after you let them use your other phone! I hope you find it, I know Greg had a lot of stuff on it.