Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh what a crafty bunch

corn doll 01
Originally uploaded by faithdarling.
Yesterday Rachel and I went to get some more corn from the farmstand I posted about earlier this week. They've had consistantly sweet butter and sugar corn -- the best year that we can remember, so we can't get enough of it!

After my mom shucked it all, I taught the little guys how to make corn husk dolls. We ended making a whole family, complete with Mommy with baby in sling. Click on the photo to see more!


sarcy said...

Aww! Just recently I told Dave about how you and I used to make corn husk dolls. Way to go with continuing that DIY-pioneer kinda vibe. :)

Faith said...

Those are the stories I was telling the little guys while we made them! I just posted a little more about it on The Needle And The Damage Done. Some things never die. =)