Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blue and funny

Andrew has been coming out with some very funny things lately. A lot of it is just conversational, so it's hard to transcribe, but here are some quotables. (Blue icing pictures throughout, just because they needed to be.)

This cake was left over from Greg's change of command ceremony (yes, I really should have posted these pics sooner!). None of us wanted it and it had gotten a little stale, so....

We were in the living room, I asked Andrew to bring me a diaper and the box of wipes from his room so that I could change Elijah. Andrew came back after a few minutes and said:
"I could only find the freakin' box of wipes, but the freakin' diapers are not freakin' there." (All I can say to this is, what the daddy's do in moderation, their children will do to the excess.)

Andrew and I had been discussing how pink usually goes on baby girls, and blue on boys to show their gender. I wasn't sure if any of it sunk in, much less mattered to him, but he brought it up (had to do with something I was knitting). The next day, he was playing with this thin pink shoulder pad that he found around the coat closet (no one has any idea where it came from -- it might actually be a bra "cookie" but no one is owning up to it.) Andrew came to me after a little while and said:
"This pink thing has been like a sister to me"

(A distorted view because of the close angle, but hey, at least you can see his tonsels!)

During one particularly frustrating day last week, Elijah would not stop fussing or crying, and needed me constantly. I had a headache, and didn't feel so well. I had finally gotten the boys to be content, building blocks with me in their room. Andrew decided to start crashing the blocks into things, and the noise level was just too much for me. I got a little impatient and demanded that he stop, on no uncertain terms. He thought about it for a minute, then said:
"Mommy, you're really freakin' me out 'bout that.", and moved his little game out into the hallway instead.

I think the finger pointing is Elijah's, but I'm not sure

(If you've ever watched a Thai Chi, Yoga or Pilates video, you will be familiar with a phrase that includes "listen to your body for cues on what feels good".)
After watching a Thai Chi excercise video with Hannah:
"Mommy, I was watchin' the excercise video."
"Oh yeah? Did you work out with Hannah?"
"No, 'cause I don't know how to listen to my body."


Mom2Zoey said...

Too funny! Zoey comes up with funny stuff like that too. My mother says "shut up" all the time, which I hate, and Zoey picked it up when they were here. She doesn't say shut up though she says "shut out."

Shannon W said...

absolutely too cute, totally made my day! I wonder what Josiah will say when he talks more,and will I be happy? ;P

Gracie said...

That's hilarious.

a. susie said...

"I don't know how to listen to my body."!!!!!

That's a scream!!! How freakin' funny!

Shannon W said...

absolutely too cute, totally made my day! I wonder what Josiah will say when he talks more,and will I be happy? ;P