Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The castle is our playground

I am finally feeling confidant driving around Germany. Yesterday, I dropped Hannah and Hayley off at the train station and didn't get lost going there or on any of my other errands that I ran afterwards. I was so proud of myself. Things are set up here just different enough to throw me (I know, it doesn't take much to get me lost in a new city, but seriously, this is a different country for goodness sake! It really is different to drive here!), and I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on it.

Hannah and Hayley left to spend a few days in Berlin, and then off to France for the rest of the week. Andrew is very concerned that Hannah hasn't "come home yet" today, even though I've explained that she'll be gone a little longer than just a few hours.

Sunday was gorgeous weather (as was yesterday and now today), so we went to Burg Lichtenburg. There's lots of open space for the boys to run around, and it's always pleasant walking amongst the walls and ruins of the old castle grounds. (All pictures are clickable for bigger.)

Upon finding the gardener's shed, they began throwing dirt with great abandon.

The view from one of the castle walls.

Hannah and Hayley

Climbing (Hannah at far left w/Andrew. Elijah is in the lower right window)

We've had rain nearly every day this winter, so it's quite a novelty to see a beautiful, clear blue sky.

Elijah runs at a tilt


Mom2Zoey said...

That looks so fun! I have felt so cramped up inside this week. It has been raining the past two days even though the weather has been warmer. I did take the girls out for a walk on Monday. It is going to feel great once spring finally arrives! ~A

italianbabe11 said...

That last picture of Elijah made me feel very sad that I might not be able to come up this summer after all. I miss that face. (As well as the rest of your respective faces).
Love you and miss you,

a. susie said...

Wow! That is so beautiful! Wish I was there.