Saturday, March 31, 2007

Check Out This Mug

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So, here in Germany, they attempt to save taxpayer dollars by putting technology to work, rather than having to pay more workers. One of the things the Polizei (Police) have been using are strategically placed "camera cops" to catch speeders, rather than having a patrol car sitting roadside for hours. Unfortunately these cameras, which also work at night, using a bright red strobe, are programed at exactly the speed limit, with no deviation. So, a couple of months ago, I got flashed.
Now before the jokes start flying, please allow me to explain the circumstances. I was on my way to pick up Hannah at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, and there are four different ways to get to Hahn from Kusel. I had already tried three of the routes, and so I thought I'd try the last one, which I had heard was the fastest.
It was night time, I had just exited the Autobahn, and was straining to see signs for my next turn. However, of course, the sign that I missed was the speed change, from 70kph to 60kph. Only a few hundred meters past the 60kph marker was one of these speed cameras, set up on a tripod, hidden in the parking lot of a gas station. And so, I got flashed. And there was no mistaking it, because it was really, really bright. Then, insult to injury, the route I was looking for ended up being closed, so I turned around to investigate the contraption, which was, as I expected, an oblong, telescope-looking thing atop a tripod, set up in just the right spot, so as not to be seen. I was only traveling 69kph in a 60kph, which, in miles-per-hour, translates to a difference of only about 4mph. So the Germans got their 10 Euro and I hope they're happy.

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That's amazing. Who would have thought?