Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I've got a few last pictures from the beach, but I know that for a few of you, none of that matters until you see this:

These pictures were taken a few minutes ago.  These three little dudes were born on Saturday.  They're adorable and, especially since there's no competition for Maia's milk, they seem to get fatter every time I go in to check on them.  They squeak and fuss, sounding almost like human newborns at times.  Their little heads are incredibly soft and velvety, and they're all doing very well.

Congratulations, Maia!
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Anonymous said...

How cute! Enjoyed your beach pics. That's what I've been doing for the last four days in Panama City Beach, FL. Luvin' it!

I'll be flying home on July 8.

See ya,


Page Brook Golden Retrievers said...

Thank you! All three of them are already named so tell hannah not to even think about taking over with that. They are James Brown, Calvin (with the white slash) and Hobbes. If she complains to bad, tell her to focus on naming Chazz.


sarcy said...

Awww, babies of all kinds. They're cute.