Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Last of the beach pics

To wrap up our week at the beach (because I hate to leave anything unfinished...)

On one of the last days down at the shore, we all split up to do our own things. My children and I went to a nearby playground, although that was short-lived; the sun was beating straight down on us, and there wasn't any shade over the swings and such, so then we visited a convenience store, where we picked up some milkshakes and lollypops. We went back to the house to enjoy our snack in the shade of the porch off of our room.

I taught my littlest sister Rachel to spin:

(They're still in NJ for the rest of the week, so I left her with some wool and the spindle to use until she comes back.)

This is some yarn that I spun while we were on vacation:

And some final pictures:

My dad feeding Lavella cherries. She was so enthusiastic about these that he could hardly cut them up fast enough for her to stuff in her mouth!

Grace and Lavella -- squatting baby pictures are pretty much the best thing ever, I think.

Yet another squatting picture, just because I had to.

Andrew and Elijah, "keeping warm" on a blazingly hot day.

We generally got to the beach around lunchtime, so we'd bring snacks and sandwiches with us. Unfortuantely, this was an open invitation to the seagulls, which were a total menace. One actually bit my finger trying to steal a bagel out of my hand, and at least one of our group had something taken directly out of their mouth.

All of this to say, that's why Christopher armed himself to eat his lunch:

He still got dive-bombed, but at least he could fight back.

Lavella wanted to visit every other family set up on the beach, and had to be rescued several times...doesn't she look like she wants to be rescued?

Joy and Lavella

One of my favorite shots from the week.

For all of those concerned (read: my siblings, who are still in New Jersey), the puppies still pretty much look the same, although a bit fatter. No new pictures today, but I promise a few tomorrow.
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