Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seven Years

Yesterday marked the passing of 7 years of marriage to the love of my life.  This gorgeous surprise was delivered to me in the morning:

(Lillies, my favorite flower -- Calla Lillies made up my wedding boquet)

Isaiah was posing as Edna 'E Mode today.

A few days ago he had his first bath.

He was cool with the idea until Hannah started washing his head.  Then he had much to say.  All that ends with a froggie robe ends well, however:

Last week I took my children and three youngest siblings to the Discovery Center.  We ended up only being able to play for the morning through lunch because of Lavella's dire need for a nap, but everyone seemed to have a good time anyway.

(Apologies to Christopher, Joel and Rachel for not including them in any of the shots, as my camera battery was on it's last bit of juice when we got there.)

Joel bravely took both my boys and both dogs for a walk the other day (it was just a walk around the chicken field, but still).  Elijah ended up throwing a fit and it took some effort to get him back to the house, but they were very cute heading out:

Lavella's been sick for the past few days with a terrible diaper rash, runny nose, runny other stuff, and a fever.  On Sunday it was especially high, so she just wanted to do this all day:

Very sweet, but I felt so terrible for her.  I got a prescription to a medicated cream for her rash today, and her fever is nearly gone, so everything seems to be looking up in her world now.

The puppies have started eating "solid" food (or as solid as dog food that has been soaked in water for several hours can be).

Some of you have asked what we plan to do with these little guys.  My parents breed Golden Retrievers to sell; these are this year's litter, and so far the dark dude already has a home promised him once he hits the 8-week-mark.

My dad is installing an outdoor wood-fueled boiler off to the side of the house.  A few days ago he started by having a trench and big hole dug for the boiler and the pipes that will connect it to the house.

Although I'm sure it was all hard work for the men involved, my younger siblings and my children both found much entertainment in the digging.

Greg grew up in a farming community where his parents still reside.  My father-in-law told any sheep farmers he knew to save any wool they didn't want for him this year.  A week or two ago, he showed up with these seven (SEVEN) bags of raw, stinky fun.

Rachel and I spent much of the morning on Saturday sorting and washing two of the fleeces.

From what I can gather, there seems to be 14 fleeces all together.  Woah.  I may have to share my wealth a bit with some of the fiber folks I hang out with on Mondays.

Tomorrow we have plans to microwave-dye them with KoolAid.  My little guys will definitely be in on it, and it should make much messy fun.

Did you know that "wool" is the gift of choice anniversary #7?  How appropriate.  =)

Entirely unrelated to anything else, but did you have any idea you could get into this much trouble while using watercolor paints?

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Mom2Zoey said...

Poor Lavella! I hope she feels better soon. You look great! Happy Anniversary! ~A

Hope said...

it looks like your having a grate time, god bless you.