Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Babes and puppies

When the puppies were tiny, we had to protect them from Lavella, since her favorite hobbies included dragging them by the back legs into her lap and picking them up by the head to kiss them.  The other day, Lavella realized the tables had turned on her.

(It gets pretty cold at night here, and Lavella rolls out of her blanket every time I tuck her in, so I've started putting a pair of Andrew's long socks on her as thigh-highs to keep her toes toasty.  It works surprisingly well, and her fat little legs look a good deal like sausages.)

A rare photo of Rambo as an infant:

(Photo styling courtesy of Joy)

Puppy and baby:

No matter how many times Lavella eats chalk, she always goes back for more.  I don't understand the draw.

Puppy "James Brown" takes a stroll.

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beka said...

Too Cute!!

Mom2Zoey said...

Delaney loves chalk too. I don't get it. ~A