Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jams and dresses

Has anyone heard about Winnie the Pooh turning into an attack bear?

Greg's cousin Sara has been making fruit preserves this summer.  It seems that I dropped by her house on the right day, because after we visited, she handed me these:

(Peach, plum, and strawberry -- she gave me these last week, and they're almost entirely consumed already!)

Of course I had to test it out (again and again) on my mom's handmade artisanal Italian bread. that's a good breakfast.

Cuddling on the couch with a good book:

A toad that my boys and I found outside (to their horror, I caught it, and offered to let them hold it, which they soundly refused.)

The latest stage of the brand new wood-powered boiler: settling it onto it's concrete slab.

Lavella was running around with this shirt slung over her neck all afternoon, so my mom finally put it on her.  She was able to walk with some difficulty, and only with her arms high in the air to lift the hem up a bit.

I offered to take it off, but she freaked out and threw a fit, so apparently she didn't mind the hassle.

And speaking of Lavella outfits, it has been amusing me greatly to dress her in rediculous confections on occasion:

She looks like a little cupcake to me, and managed to keep it pretty clean all day (minor chocolate smears on the back -- not sure how that happened or who was feeding her chocolate, but such is life.)

She did, however, find it offensive that Christopher was using "her" (my) camera to take this particular shot:

Lavella's favorite things: clothes, shoes, and talking on the phone.
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Mom2Zoey said...

You both look wonderful! I try to dress Delaney up a lot too. She distroys everything she wears though. Actually everything she touches. We call her the trail of distruction. She is the little boy I always wanted. ha! ~A

Hope said...

hi cupcake

Hope said...

Lavella is like my youngest she loves clothes and shoes to say hi to your parents for me