Saturday, August 16, 2008


Last week, Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Bob were able to come up for an afternoon and see the new little dude!

Isaiah liked Aunt Mary Ann a lot.

As I've mentioned before, my children go to their Poppy and Nana's twice a week to visit.  Last Tuesday, I took Joel and Christopher with us too, and my brother's had a fun and exhausting day, exploring the paths that my father-in-law has built through the woods, swimming and boating in the pond, visiting a nearby farm (complete with tiny new kittens and puppies), jumping on a huge trampoline, etc.  Here are some pictures from that visit.  (Mostly all taken by Jill -- I was at the house spinning wool, reading, and pretty much doing nothing, which was incredibly lovely.)

(Elijah and a new friend, Nicky, holding kittens)

(Lavella, sporting her new "slightly snotty & superior" look)

The canoing included my boys at first, but they moved on to something else pretty quickly.  A little later, Joel and Christopher were still out there, but in two separate boats this time, and it ended with them stealing each other's paddles, leaving the other with nothing but their hands to direct the boat around.  Pretty funny to watch.

What a great day!

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Hope said...

cute pups

a.susie said...

I think Lavella should belong to that tiny gray kitten. It looks like it has adopted her. Great pictures! I love nothing better than to see kids having fun in the outdoors.