Thursday, August 07, 2008

Poppy and Nana

Twice a week the children spend the day at my in-laws, Poppy and Nana.  Generally included in their day of fun are riding around on the 4-wheeler, riding in the back trailer of a tractor, visiting a farm down the road, playing on a huge trampoline, swimming, fishing and boating in the pond, and (when the season permits), berry picking.

Today Pete (Poppy) picked them up from my parents' house, as he often does, so I've got a relatively child-free day.  Or at least free from any child related responsibilities, I should say.

The exciting schedule I've got planned for myself?  A much needed visit to the chiropractor, a stop in at the library, and then some sort of baking when I get back home.  (We have an excess of half-and-half, and I've been tasked with the usage of said ingredient before it spoils.)

Thank you Poppy and Nana!
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1 comment:

Mom2Zoey said...

Sounds like a lovely break. I could use one. ~A