Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Big Red Balloon

I just ate an entire green bell pepper (cut into strips, dipped in Ranch). Is that normal? Hmm.

I've been feeling a little weird about food lately, and have been extra tired, so we've been having a few meals like this, enjoyed in front of the afternoon/early evening videos:

Animal paper plates!

Last week was busy and active with our homeschool schedule; over the weekend (perhaps because of that?), the children were happily peaceful and contented, doing quiet activities that they dreamed up themselves:

We've been enjoying our homeschool activities muchly, but sometimes there are days like today.

Today's Activities:
  1. Get picked up by Jillian in her rental to retrieve car from mechanic's (had brakes replaced -- kind of scary "no brakes incident)
  2. Stop at her place to pick up HER car from her house to bring that to mechanics while we were there (hers' had undetermined mechanical failure yesterday)
  3. Get our car, go straight to inspection station on post
  4. Pass inspection, but get sent straight back to mechanic because of leaking brake fluid (which was the problem before)
  5. Mechanic looks at brakes, cleans up fluid, and assures me that it's all the old stuff that they left on my car (for what reason?)
  6. Go to get car registry renewed, try to take off my licence plates, and discover that the screwdriver I brought will only take off front plate.
  7. Find guy who has adjustable wrench for back one.
  8. Get sent to insurance place to get an insurance card that's dated for today rather than the one I had, which was post-dated (I'd already gone there last week to save a step, but...)
  9. Go back to registry office and finish up the foolishness.
  10. Find out from registry guy that, since my plates are now different, I have to get my gas rations card changed at the PX, since it will no longer work for this car. (Yet another step I'd completed last week to save myself grief.)
  11. Go to PX, get new gas card.
  12. Go to gas station and fill up on gas, using half of the money that I just loaded my rations card with (the entirety of my last 1/4 tank was spent on the above list.)
  13. Make last stop at Post Office, and happily find that I have a box of beautiful wool to spin.
Thankfully I had carefully packed for our day before leaving the house and had sandwiches and snacks for the children, and I stopped for a bratwurst sandwich at the PX, so no one went hungry. Towards the end though, Lavella took to lying down on the floor of wherever we were and shouting "NO!" when we prepared to go to the next place. Honestly, I felt the same way.

A bright spot in our day were the red balloons given to us by the mechanic:

And the wool, which Lavella was loathe to relinquish:

And, of course, my children, cuddling in close as we read our night-time books before bed. (Currently in the middle of Boxcar Children, which I recommend!)
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The Kansas City Hoovers said...

Wow!! That is a lot to do, especially being pregnant and having 3 children. I'm glad homeschooling is going well for you. Judah and Ephraim started a small one day a week preschool at a local church this week and they love it. I'm looking forward to one day a week were I only have 2 children for 2 hours.

Mom2Zoey said...

Wow! That is a lot for one day. My kids would have been screaming no after the first stop. We love those plates!